March 12, 2022

E5: Celebrating 25 Years of Open Road Radio with Gina Woods

Episode #5 of the Motorcycle Knuckle Busters podcast. Enjoy our next guest Gina Woods. Gina Woods, hailing from a strong background in radio and co-creator/host of Open Road Radio, a Motorcycle Talk Radio program in which she Interviews & showcases Industry personnel and reports on the latest motorcycling scoop for 25 years!

Gina has been featured in multiple news and magazine articles including Easyriders Magazine, IronWorks Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and The Rapid City Journal. Gina also created a non-for-profit Gina Woods’ XX Chromes All Women Bike Builders – a women’s team of motorcycle mechanics that builds motorcycles for charity.

This interview was recorded with Gina Woods on February 22nd, 2022.