Nov. 21, 2022

EP33: Grainne Owen, Founder & President at Curing Kids' Cancer Inc

EP33: Grainne Owen, Founder & President at Curing Kids' Cancer Inc

We would like to invite our special guest, Grainne Owen, founder and President of Curing Kids' Cancer, Inc.

She started raising money off her kitchen table, and now Curing Kids' Cancer has raised over $23 million since 2005 for childhood cancer research. Her ultimate goal is to turn childhood cancers from lethal diseases into curable ones in our lifetime. Together, we hope to raise awareness about being able to provide and turn life-saving medicines into fundable treatments.

We also seek to address the cost of multiple treatments, which hinders many from seeking the care they truly deserve.

We honor her son, and we hope that through this podcast we will continue to tell his story and share her story of hope with others!

The Gift of Hope

We are honored to be able to help support this important cause and make a difference in a child's life. Join us in spreading awareness! Curing Kids Cancer partners with the Motorcycle Knuckle Busters Podcast to raise awareness for childhood cancer research.

25 artists from around the country have come together to design custom helmets that showcase the importance of the number 25 and the significance it has towards making all the difference. We share with you this important cause: being the change and ensuring that every child has a fighting chance!